Visual Studio Code 禁用GPU加速




  • 打开命令面板(Ctrl + Shift + P 或者直接按 F1)

  • 运行“首选项:配置运行时参数”命令

  • 该命令将打开一个“argv.json”文件

  • 添加"disable-hardware-acceleration": true

  • 重启 VSCode



Disable GPU acceleration

We have heard issue reports from users that seem related to how the GPU is used to render VS Code's UI. These users have a much better experience when running VS Code with the additional --disable-gpu command-line argument. Running with this argument will disable the GPU hardware acceleration and fall back to a software renderer.

To make life easier, you can add this flag as a setting so that it does not have to be passed on the command line each time.

To add this flag:

  • Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P).

  • Run the Preferences: Configure Runtime Arguments command.

  • This command will open a argv.json file to configure runtime arguments. You might see some default arguments there already.

  • Add "disable-hardware-acceleration": true.

  • Restart VS Code.

Note: Do not use this setting unless you are seeing issues!

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